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Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium provides strategic freight market intelligence, benchmarking and comparative analysis to its members in a private forum.  Chainalytics uses advanced analytics to quantify the drivers of transportation costs across a variety of modes. Chainalytics FMIC provides objective insight into freight markets, enabling members to make better strategic and tactical decisions regarding transportation and supporting business practices.

The Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium for shippers offers the following subscriptions:

North America

Semi-Annual Truckload – Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, Intermodal and Flatbed

Quarterly Truckload – Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, Intermodal and Flatbed

Semi-Annual Bulk – Liquid, Dry

Annual Ocean – Containerized Inbound/Outbound USA

Annual Less-Than-Truckload


Semi-Annual Truckload – Dry Van, Temperature Controlled and Intermodal

Annual Less-than-Truckload


Semi-Annual Truckload – Dry Van and Temperature Controlled


Semi-Annual Truckload- Dry Van (Toco, Caretta)

Freight Market Intelligence Solution Platform for Shippers:

  • Detailed reporting and analytics of your specific network focusing on:
    • Lane, carrier and geography-based benchmarks
    • Weekly trends by mode, carrier, and industry to highlight the impact of procurement efforts and changes due to market dynamics.
  • Market Research involving:
    • In-depth member surveys on operations, technology, accessorials, fuel management, and procurement strategies.
    • Whitepapers and topical research
    • Rates and capacity analytics based on current member experiences and outlook
    • Capacity database of vetted capacity providers by geographic presence
    • Accessorial rate benchmarks
  • Technology providing:
    • Unlimited user access to rating tools and market rate data
    • Cloud-based visualization and business intelligence
    • REST-based APIs for integration of rate information into execution systems or tactical network alignment capabilities.
  • Peer Networking
    • Access to our highly-rated annual Summit supported with educational content, research, keynotes presentation from industry thought leaders and significant networking opportunities with peers who collectively spend billions per year on transportation expense.


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