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Third-Party Logistics Providers are expected to provide flawless execution and rock-solid reliability of mission critical services for their customers. To do this effectively, there can be no misalignment with transportation markets.  Over-pay for transportation and you risk long-term customer relationships, under-pay and capacity disruptions ultimately elevate into painful top-top meetings with customers.

Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence for 3PLs is built on the idea that identifying reasonable contract rate levels should never be a guessing game. Our advanced analytics offer 3PLs of all sizes direct access to transportation rate information that supports procurement, carrier management and lane rate benchmarking – whether internal or customer facing.

Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence for 3PLs offers the following subscriptions:

North America
Monthly Spot/Contract Truckload for Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, Intermodal Quarterly Less-Than-Truckload

Freight Market Intelligence Solution Platform for 3PLs:

  • Detailed reporting and analytics of your specific network focusing on:
    • Lane, carrier and geography-based benchmarks
    • Weekly trends by mode, carrier, and other factors to highlight the impact of procurement efforts and changes due to market dynamics.
  • Market Research involving:
    • Rates and capacity analytics based on survey of market experiences and outlook from shippers and 3PLs/Brokers.
  • Technology providing:
    • Unlimited user access to rating tools and market rate data for both spot and contract market rates supporting engineering and procurement efforts with significant geographic lane coverage.
    • REST-based APIs for integration of rate information into execution systems
    • Cloud-based visualization and business intelligence to manage all market trends and historical shipment data.