[On-Demand] From Chaos to Consistency: The Path to Building Resilient Transportation Pricing Capabilities for 3PLs

Traditionally, 3PLs have had to rely on a mish-mash of pricing data and gut feeling to respond to their customers with cost-effective pricing. While market dynamics challenge individual’s experiences, organizations are redefining the pricing function by turning toward a comprehensive approach that includes market intelligence sources and cloud-based technology solutions to transform the efficiency and impact of transportation pricing activities. Watch this one-hour webinar hosted by Chainalytics, Logistical Labs and Logistics Planning Services below. They will explore trends in recent market pricing, integrated tools to manage pricing data and the story of transformation in bringing it all together.



Agenda includes;

  • Current truckload market overview and dynamics
  • How Chainalytics Freight Market Intelligence Consortium adds value to the 3PL business model
  • Overview of Logistical Labs’ LoadDex platform
  • How Logistics Planning Services successfully transformed their 3PL pricing strategy and benefited from the integration of Chainalytics’ FMIC and Logistical Labs’ LoadDex product. 

To download a PDF of the slides, click here.

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