The Impact of Packaging on the Supply Chain

SupplyChainBrain, December 12, 2011

Once a function of sales and marketing, product packaging today is increasingly seen as a strategic issue, with involvement by the executive team, says Tom Blanck, principal and practice leader at Chainalytics. Blanck explains why companies are changing their view and how the entire supply chain benefits from package optimization.


Squeeze More Out of Your TMS

Logistics Management, October 1, 2011

Your transportation management system (TMS) is installed and running, but are you getting the most out of it? Our technology correspondent helps shippers determine where the utilization gaps exist and formulate a plan to effectively optimize a TMS investment.
Article (PDF)


The Impact of Packaging on Transportation Efficiency and Sustainability

SupplyChainBrain, August 8, 2011

A discussion of how innovations in packaging can contribute to increased sustainability and lower logistics costs with Chainalytics’ Gary Girotti and Tom Blanck.


A Smarter Supply Chain

World Trade Magazine, August 1, 2011

Progressive companies are making the most of the business intelligence (BI), agility and economics that new supply chain technology offers, while other companies proceed slower with their adoptions. Chainalytics’ Mike Kilgore provides insight into supply chain areas that under-exploit technology.


Transportation Procurement Benchmark Study:  In Search of Value

American Shipper, June 2011

American Shipper, in partnership with RILA, recently benchmarked more than 300 transportation buyers and sellers on the state of today’s market. This study provides readers with a unique insight into emerging trends, winning practices and the role of technology.  Featuring Chainalytics’ Matt Harding.


Pushing from Strategic to Tactical Planning

SupplyChainBrain, June 13, 2011

If recent natural disasters and political unrest have shown anything to the business world it’s that strategic planning has to be a continuous effort, not just a one-time effort. Moreover, says Steve Ellet, principal at Chainalytics, companies have to react quicker than ever, and that calls for better tactical planning.


New Kids In Town: 3PLs Move Into the TMS Market

Inbound Logistics, May 2011

Today shippers enjoy another choice for managing transportation:  a 3PL-provided and hosted TMS solution. Featuring Chainalytics’ Roy Ananny.
Article (PDF)


Top Practices When Modeling Supply Chain Networks

Gartner (Membership Required), May 4, 2011

Leading companies are using advanced supply chain network modeling practices and technologies to create more competitive supply chain networks. This research will help you understand how to best apply these practices appropriately within your organization.


2011 Pros to Know

Supply & Demand Chain Executive, March 2011

Honoring leaders turning their supply chains into strategic differentiators in the “New Normal.” Featuring Chainalytics’ Steve Ellet.


Better Math Makes Better Networks, February 13, 2011

Lora Cecere interviewed Chainalytics’ co-founder, Jeff Metersky, at the recent S&OP Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.  Lora and Jeff discuss how network design — and relevant software – has evolved in recent years.


IPC Streamlines the Supply Chain for the Subway Restaurant Chain

SupplyChainBrain, January 06, 2011

Chainalytics and MIT worked with IPC to analyze its distribution network.  Significant environmental savings resulted from Chainalytics’ Carbon Footprint Analysis.